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Get 2+ cleanings for 1 low monthly price.

Part 1 - Sign Up

  1. Pick desired maintenance program starting for as low as $7.50/month.
  2. Programs come with $200+ credit that can be applied towards any mix of services.
  3. Sign up and book all appointments online in seconds.


Part 2 - Service

  1. Upon arrival local staff will inspect then add all desired items to bill total.
  2. Bill total is discounted by 50% and deducted from current program balance.
  3. Itemized digital invoice provided with updated balance and  recommendations from your local staff member.


Part 3 - Repeat

  1. The goal is to prevent build up and need for deep extraction.
  2. Don't wait till its too late to treat heavy traffic areas!
  3. Just stick to the recommended program.


#ProgramsNow starting at $7.50/month Book from any device anytime

Posted by Dry Green Machine Carpet Cleaning on Monday, November 30, 2015


  • Lock-in discounted rate of 50% off for 1 year.
  • Multiple cleanings significantly extend the life of your carpet and ensure your home/office is cleaner than ever before.
  • Save thousands and avoid replacement costs by properly maintaining your carpet and upholstery.
  • All specialty treatments (deodorizer, pet treatment, protectant, all stain removers & more) included FREE of charge for program members.
  • NO booking fees for Same Day, After-Hours and Weekend Service.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed with FREE Follow Up Service for program members.
  • Itemized digital receipts sent after each service with current program balance for your record.
  • NO Cancellation Fee! Cancel anytime. Any current balance will be billed immediately.
  • Local DGM technician who will remember you and your exact needs.


Service Areas

We currently service greater Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing,  Grand Rapids, Saginaw and Flint. Have additional service area inquiries?

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Sign up now for over 50% OFF

*Extra $75 credit when you sign up before 8/1

Ready to sign-up? Pick program type below.


 Masonic Temple - Detroit, MI

Masonic Temple - Detroit, MI


Big office seeking little price? If you have more than 40,000 square feet of carpet, please contact us directly  so we can design affordable customized maintenance program for your office today.

Phone: 888.490.8556