Carpets have wear warranties

Carpets do not have appearance warranties

Appearance generally determines carpet replacement

Appearance is not the determining factor in early carpet replacement when interim system is used.

Soil Measurement

A soil measuring system provides answers to carpet cleaning questions related to frequency, procedures and accountability.

/\E is a numerical measure of the total color difference between a new carpet and a soiled carpet.

As soil builds, carpets change color and continue changing color until saturated. The color change of the carpet, as expressed by /\E, correlates with the buildup of soil.

Generally accepted vacuuming and cleaning frequencies:

  • Vacuum - Daily for firms; At least weekly for households
  • Interim clean - Recommend at least 3 per year but varies depending on number of persons and/or pets in home or office.
  • Deep clean - Annually for most firms; At least every 2-5 years for households.

In-House Visual Appearance Results Comparing Two Procedures:

Vacuum Cleaning vs. Interim Cleaning using numerical soil measurements ( /\E)

*Interim cleaned carpets are up to 21 times visually cleaner than when vacuuming alone is performed.

Third Party Certification Cleaning Research International

Cleaning Research International was commissioned to confirm visual appearance procedures.

  • Hot water extraction is recommended in maintenance programs and was included in the third party certification report.
  • Each soiling cycle represents approximately 10,000 footsteps.
  • /\L is a measure of the difference in whiteness between a new and a soiled carpet.

Test Results



Every fifth soiling cycle is highlighted to show when the interim method was performed.

There is a notable difference in the amount of soil present after interim cleaning is performed.


When the carpet is soiled for the first time, there is a sudden change in its appearance. In the case of the sample which was vacuumed only, this change continues to worsen until a plateau is reached which is an equilibrium between the color of the soil and the color of the carpet In the case of the carpet subjected to interim cleaning, however, each subsequent clean restores the carpet to a value around that obtained after a single soiling. This means that by regular use of Interim Maintenance System, the soiled appearance of the carpet can be maintained at a satisfactory level over a prolonged period of time.

Furthermore, after so-called restoration cleaning using hot water extraction equipment, the recover of the carpet regularly maintained with interim cleaning is significantly better than that which does not have the benefit of interim maintenance.


Interim Cleaning Related to Carpet Depreciation

Carpet life is generally determined by how quickly a carpet visually deteriorates.

For this illustration, the value of carpet A for firm is estimated at $160,000 ($3.20 per SQFT x 50,000 SQFT).

Cost Savings Analysis

  • Assuming DGM cleaning once per month with regular vacuuming 5 to 7 days per week
  • Savings based on a 12 year depreciation vs. a 5 year depreciation: > $104,000


  • Carpets are not cleaned often enough
  • Skip one vacuuming per month and substitute a DGM cleaning
  • Visual appearance is a factor in carpet replacement
  • An interim system when used regularly will significantly reduces costs