88+ Lives Saved

Well folks we missed our goal of raising $255 in the past month for our new joint mission with LifeStraw and the Rotary Club of Ft. Lauderdale to end water borne illness across the world. It's OK though because we still raised $190 and saved over 88 lives together in the past two months. Plus it's technically our slow season but we'll keep aiming high.

Thank you all so much for your support!

To learn more about our mission: drygreenmachine.com/lifestraw


They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery...well one of the fastest growing carpet cleaning franchises in the US is following in our footsteps 😉 Were more than happy that one of our strategies based on other firms business models is encouraging others to give back more 🙌🏽 We are not your average carpet cleaning company by any means ❤️ #TrendSetters

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Chad Milton

Meet Chad Milton. Please go support my best friend. He's a new father that just started his first semester of medical school. Winter is fast approaching and his car just took a turn for the worst. Chad was the first black father featured in our #‎FatherFriday posts and he has a truly amazing story that you must read. If you make a non-anonymous donation over $15, we'll give you extra 10% off any current deals, programs or promotions. We just posted link to his GoFundMe on our website. Thank you for your support!

> Chad's GoFundMe

Marcus James Cavlerly

This is Marcus. I've known him for a long time and he's always displayed the benefits of living an all around genuinely fun life, while cherishing all the good laughs along the way. He only bleeds green and white because he played football for Michigan State and graduated with a degree in Political Science. We spent high school spring breaks together at baseball camp in Florida every year. There were great times shared on the field during practices and games. Marcus was always the life of the dugout. Up big, down big or close game, he always had a timely impersonation of every coach in that situation. I'll never forget his massive home runs either! Sadly, Marcus was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma over a year ago. His constant treatments keep him out of work. Please support his go fund me page! If you make a non-anonymous donation over $15, we'll give you extra 10% off any current deals, programs or promotions.

> Marcus's GoFundMe

The Hamra Family


The Hamra Family

Wow! Seriously have the best job ever! Just met the amazing Hamra family and felt like I was right at home! We're so thankful for your $15 donation towards ‪#‎ToysForTots‬! Young Elijah on the right below even donated $10 of his own money! Last week we featured the father of this family as our ‪#‎FatherFriday‬ post. We're so inspired by this families generosity and willingness to help others. We appreciate your business and it was truly a pleasure to meet you all.

Thank you again for choosing DGM!


One Month Later

Well folks it's been one month since we formed strategic partnership with LifeStraw and Rotary Club of Ft. Lauderdale to change our overall mission by including theirs as well. Our goal was to raise $250 and we were only $25 short of hitting our goal on time!!! Plus we'll actually hit $250 mark if nobody reschedules today and weather permitted lol ‪#‎MichiganProblems‬ Today morning we'll be mailing first check for $250 that'll easily help save at least 25-50 people's lives. We took a huge risk one month ago and decided to essentially cut our entire marketing budget to enable this partnership going into our slow season. Everyday it becomes more clear that it was the best decision we've ever made.

Thank you all so much for your help and generosity!

November Goal: $255 because if we're going to be realistic, we live in the Midwest and who knows what could happen next.

PS can't wait till you see the beautiful twist we have for tomorrow's ‪#‎FatherFriday‬ post.