Every Friday we'll be posting photos of good black fathers to help fix one of biggest problems facing our community. Show your support by tagging good fathers of any race you know and tagging us in your photos. Our fourth amazing father is another one of my best friends, Raphael Downes. This God fearing young man has a truly inspiring story. Several years ago he became the proud father of the adorable little girl pictured above. His daughter Leilani was conceived in love but her mother left a year after she was born. We always hear about black fathers leaving but this young man battled heartbreak and homelessness while simultaneously raising his daughter as a single father. Today, he's a hardworking husband to his beautiful wife Chantal and father to the newest addition to the family, baby RJ. Raphael is also known as Rafa'el, local positive hip hop artist in Lansing, Michigan. He uses his music to illustrate that hip hop can be used to preach positive messages that everyone can enjoy. Thank you for being such an amazing role model to other black youth in so many different ways. Please show him some love on his Facebook page and support him by following him on Soundcloud: Rafa'el

PS The song below is about his daughter Leilani.