Meet Jordan Brown.

He's the proud father of 2 beautiful children that mean more to him than anything else in the world. We always hear about black fathers leaving...I'm so proud to say my cousin uprooted himself from his comfort zone in Michigan to Dallas, Texas to be involved in his children's lives on a daily basis no matter what the cost. Jordan and the mother of his children are no longer together but he refuses to miss any opportunity he gets to spend with his children. He's put his own dreams on hold as he works two jobs to support JB Jr and his daughter Kamora. I'm so inspired by my cousins refusal to allow his kids to not have their dad around because he knows how important his involvement is to their development as well as his own. Very few dads can say they actually dropped everything to move across the country to be with their children which is exactly why we're honoring him today. Every Friday we'll be honoring good black fathers like my cousin to help fix one of biggest problems facing our community. We hope these positive images will battle all the negativity we see in the media and encourage others to step up and be fathers or fatherly figures to our youth. Show your support by tagging good fathers of any race you know and tagging us in your photos.