Every Friday we'll be posting photos of good black fathers to help fix one of biggest problems facing our community. We hope these positive images will battle all the negativity we see in the media and encourage others to step up and be fathers or fatherly figures to our youth. Show your support by tagging good fathers of any race you know and tagging us in your photos. This Friday we have a little bit of a twist for you because we realized that our ultimate goal was to help the children that suffer from not having a fatherly figure in their lives. Today, we’ll be honoring a true hero that fought for his country over 8.5 years in the US Army before being honorably and medically separated after an injury during his Iraq deployment. His family relocated from Tennessee to Michigan shortly after his return to start a new life. This God fearing man is the head of household to a beautiful multiracial family that he puts before everything else. He’s been married to his wife Jennifer for over 4 years now and has 4 beautiful bi-racial children of which two aren’t biological his own. His wife told us that everyone loves Travis because he’s the type of guy thats just gets along with people but whenever others question his ability to be a good father due to his race, he quickly proclaims “THEY ARE MY CHILDREN AND I AM THEIR FATHER!”. We want people to know his story because there are so very few men of his caliber in this world which is exactly why were honoring him today. Thank you for your service and for being the most amazing role model to your children and others.